Mashable Breaks Down 6 Best Apps of Summer

Mashable Breaks Down 6 Best Apps of Summer

Summer is finally here — bring on the surf, sun and apps.  That’s right, apps.  This summer technology is the hottest, must-have accessory.  The great minds at Mashable are doing the research for you so there’s more time to lounge by the pool.

1.  GetMyBoat (iOS, Android)

Oh captain, my captain!  No need to take out a second mortgage to live the seafaring life.  GetMyBoat, or “an Airbnb for boats” helps you find rentals in your price range.  Owners can list their boats, with options to take them out for a few hours or days.  No matter where you are this app can help you reach your nautical potential with listings in more than 160 countries.

2.  GrillTime (iOsS)

There’s always a barbecue around the corner, which is another opportunity to sink or swim at the grill.  Thanks to GrillTime, you can avoid burning burgers and all the embarrassment that comes with it.  The app provides instructions for a variety of levels, as well as a series of timers to meat every need.  …Meat, yeah sorry we went for it.

3.  Mobile Passport (iOS, Android)

Mobile Passport takes care of the paperwork so you can kick back and enjoy your trip, no matter where you’re going.  The app lets users skip lines by allowing them to fill out customs declarations and use the expedited line.  For U.S. and Canadian citizens, Mobile Passport is available at many major airports including San Francisco, Atlanta, Newark, JFK and Denver.

4.  PackPoint (iOS, Android)

Did you forget your phone charger and flip flops?  Are you unprepared for the weather?  Not anymore.  PackPoint helps travelers figure out exactly what to pack based on destination, weather, duration and activity levels.  You’ll be ready for whatever summer vacation can throw at you.

5.  SurfLine (iOS, Android)

Whether you’re a regular beach bum or brand new to hanging ten, SurfLine can be your co-pilot on the waves.  The app gives users detailed information about surf conditions.  Want to know wave height, info about the tides and a live feed of conditions at beaches around the world.

6.  UVLens (iOS, Android)

No one likes a sunburn, they are painful and let’s face it — the red clashes with your swim trunks.  UVLens is stepping up the sun protection, with forecasts telling users how much ultraviolet light is expected at that pool party, beach or BBQ.  Find out which hours have the highest risks, what king of protection you need by skin type and more.

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